Does the end justify the means Quora?

Does the end justify the means Quora?

Originally Answered: In philosophy and ethics, why doesn’t the end justify the means? The ends justify the means when all the ends are accounted for. Anything which can be justified, is justified. Justification is the process of determining whether or not you are making the right decision.

What are the main moral theories?

There are a number of moral theories: utilitarianism, Kantianism, virtue theory, the four principles approach and casuistry. Utilitarians think that the point of morality is to maximize the amount of happiness that we produce from every action.

Do you agree with the principle the end justifies the means?

YES I AGREE with the quote “The end justifies the means.” The means determine the end. If one uses one’s resources properly, the end will be good. If one’s resources are people and they’re misused, they’ll turn back upon the maker or leader. Stalin reversed this, for example, so that his ends justified his means.

What is the basis of right and wrong?

Ethics are the standard of what is right and wrong, and they are based on our values. Being ethical requires making a moral judgment, and that’s not always easy. Ethical behavior takes courage and has to be practiced.

What is right and wrong philosophy?

Moral philosophy is the branch of philosophy that contemplates what is right and wrong. It explores the nature of morality and examines how people should live their lives in relation to others. Another branch of moral philosophy is normative ethics. It answers the question of what we ought to do.

What is Kant’s principle of ends?

Another version of the Categorical Imperative that Kant offers states that one should “always treat people as ends in themselves, never merely as a means to one’s own ends.” This is commonly referred to as the “ends principle.” While similar in a way to the Golden Rule: “Do unto others as you would have them do unto …

Do the ends justify the means Kant?

Kant is going to argue against consequentialism in favor of non-consequentialism or what he calls the categorical imperative. Consequentialism basically says that the ends justify the means. This means that whatever end is obtained completely justifies whatever means were used to get that end.

Who said that the end justifies the means?

Niccolò Machiavelli

How should moral philosophy begin?

According to the text, how should moral philosophy begin? From a set of plausible ethical claims that is subject to revision. In philosophy, an argument is: a chain of reasoning consisting of a set of reasons that supports some conclusion.

Why the end doesn’t justify the means?

Schroeder: Why the end doesn’t justify the means, but the means can always justify the end. But as young kids, we learned that the “end doesn’t justify the means.” In other words, a positive outcome isn’t, well, a good thing if the methods used were dishonest or harmful to others.

Do ends justify means essay?

To justify their ends by some type of means sometimes involves doing a wrong thing when trying to achieve a positive end. They justify the wrong act by pointing to the outcome that was good.