Who are the characters in Orphan Train?

Orphan Train Characters

Who are the characters in Orphan Train?

Orphan Train Characters

  • Molly Ayer. Molly is one of the novel’s two protagonists.
  • Vivian Daly / Niamh Power / “Dorothy” Vivian/Niamh is the novel’s second protagonist.
  • Ralph Thibodeaus. Ralph is Molly’s current foster father.
  • Donna Ayer / Molly’s Mother.
  • Mr.
  • Jack.
  • Patrick Power/ “Da”
  • Mary Power/ “Mam”

Who is Dina in the Orphan Train?

Dina Thibodeaus Molly’s foster mother. Spruce Harbor Police dispatcher.
Ralph Thibodeaus Dina’s husband. Plumber.
Jack Molly’s boyfriend.
Jody 10th grade classmate of Molly.

What kind of person is Molly from Orphan Train?

Molly is one of the novel’s two protagonists. She is an intelligent, opinionated, and reflective seventeen-year-old girl who lives with her foster parents, Ralph and Dina Thibodeaus, at their home in Spruce Harbor, Maine.

Is there a sequel to Orphan Train by Christina Baker Kline?

Christina Baker Kline There is not! But you may see some of the characters popping up in my future books…

How old is Vivian in orphan train?

Set in present-day Maine and Depression-era Minnesota, Orphan Train is the story of two women who build an unlikely friendship. Vivian is a 91-year-old who has a hidden past as an orphan train rider and Molly is a troubled teen with one last chance to make things right.

Why did Molly ask Vivian to talk to her about her life?

Molly decides to ask Vivian to help her with the project because, since Vivian is elderly, she would probably have the greatest chance of having a story to tell. Molly during this time remembers some of her very young childhood.

Who is the protagonist in the orphan?


Is the exile a true story?

The origin of THE EXILES was the true story of a female convict being transported to Australia, but Kline felt that it would be irresponsible not to address the issue of Aboriginal people who were exiled from their own lands by the British.

How does Orphan Train end?

The novel ends just after Vivian and Sarah make eye contact outside of Vivian’s house. Ballinger-Dix, Elizabeth. “Orphan Train Plot Summary.” LitCharts.

How old is Molly in the orphan train?

Molly is an opinionated and intelligent seventeen-year-old girl who lives with her foster parents in Spruce Harbor, Maine. Molly’s father was a Native American and her mother is white.

How old is Dorothy in orphan train?

She is the biological mother of Sarah Darnell, who she gave up for adoption. As a 91-year-old widow living a lonely life, Vivian finds peace by recounting the story of her life to Molly Ayer and cleaning out her attic together.

What do both Molly and Vivian have in common?

Even though Molly and Vivian have different backgrounds and a wide age difference, they share the common experience of having been orphaned as children. Their shared experience gives them insight into each other’s experiences, and this in turn gives them a sense of belonging and connection with each other.

What object does Molly have from her past what do you think this object symbolizes?

Molly got a turtle tattoo (illegally) when she was sixteen, in exchange for her virginity. As Molly explains, the turtle is a symbol for her people (the Penobscot Indians) of strength and perseverance.

Why are main characters always orphans?

Mystery and Suspense. Children’s books have to be thrilling enough to keep their young readers engaged. An orphan’s past can provide the mystery and suspense a story needs to keep interest. Our protagonists usually don’t know much about their parents, and this opens up a world of secrets waiting to be written.

Why is Esther evil in the Orphan?

She was actually a 33 year old woman with a hormone disorder (Hypopituitarism) that caused proportional dwarfism and she was a serial killer who posed as a little girl so she could be adopted with one goal: To seduce and sleep with her adopted father as it was the only love that she knew.

What is the exiles by Kline about?

The author of the #1 New York Times bestseller Orphan Train returns with an ambitious, emotionally resonant novel about three women whose lives are bound together in nineteenth-century Australia and the hardships they weather together as they fight for redemption and freedom in a new society.

Where is the exile in the Bible?

Biblical depictions of the exile include Book of Jeremiah 39–43 (which saw the exile as a lost opportunity); the final section of 2 Kings (which portrays it as the temporary end of history); 2 Chronicles (in which the exile is the “Sabbath of the land”); and the opening chapters of Ezra, which records its end.

Who does Vivian meet at the end of the book?

At the end of the novel, Vivian has an in-person encounter with that daughter, Sarah Dunnell, now sixty-nine and a musician, just like Dutchy.

Is the children’s train a true story?

Based on true events, a heartbreaking story of love, family, hope, and survival set in post-World War II Italy—written with the heart of Orphan Train and Before We Were Yours—about poor children from the south sent to live with families in the north to survive deprivation and the harsh winters.

Who is Niamh in orphan train?

Vivian/Niamh is the novel’s second protagonist. Christened as “Niamh Power”, she was born in Kinvara, County Galway in Ireland in 1920. As a young child, she immigrated to New York with her parents and siblings. Her father and brothers died in a house fire in 1929, while her mother was placed in a mental hospital.