Which country code is 00147?

Which country has 00612 code?

Which country code is 00147?

Italy Postal Code 00147 Profile and Map.

Which country has 00612 code?

ZIP code 00612 is located in northern Puerto Rico and covers a slightly less than average land area compared to other ZIP codes in the United States. It also has a slightly less than average population density. The people living in ZIP code 00612 are primarily white.

What network is 087 Ireland?

Vodafone Ireland
Mobile network operators (MNOs)

NDC Network Notes
083 and 086 Three Ireland 086 previously belonged to O2.
085 eir mobile previously known as Meteor and eMobile
087 Vodafone Ireland formerly Eircell

What is a Norway phone number?

+47Norway / Dialing code

Which country code is 0066?

Thailand Country
Thailand Country Code 66 – Worldometer.

Why do I keep getting calls from 087 numbers?

It is a scam. Hang up immediately. If it’s an automated voice asking you to press 1 or any other number, do not do so. “No Garda personnel, HSE, Social Welfare of Govt agency will ask you for payment of anything over the phone.”

What are these 087 numbers?

Traditionally, 087 numbers are used to serve clients from one central call center. Calls can then be transferred to departments that are located anywhere in the country. 087 numbers are best suited for businesses who wish to establish the perception of having a national presence.

What does a Norway phone number look like?

Telephone numbers in Norway have the country code “+47” and up to the first 2 digits of the phone number will indicate its geographic area. Emergency services are 3 digits long and start with the number “1”. Mobile numbers vary in length, either 8 digits or 12 digits.

What country code is Norway?

Why am I getting calls from Thailand?

It’s a tactic of a Wangiri scammer to disconnect, hoping you call back to find out what the call was about. Simply put, if someone calls from a location you don’t know, forget about the call and move on. It’s just a phone scam, and you don’t need that in your life.

Where is located Thailand?

AsiaThailand / Continent