Where should I stop between Brisbane and Rockhampton?

On our Brisbane to Rockhampton road trip with kids we stopped at the following places:

Where should I stop between Brisbane and Rockhampton?

On our Brisbane to Rockhampton road trip with kids we stopped at the following places:

  • Noosa.
  • Woodgate Beach.
  • Agnes Waters.
  • Bargara.
  • Tannum Sands.
  • Great Keppel Island.

What towns are close to Rockhampton?

Inland from Rockhampton lie the towns of Mount Hay, Mount Morgan, Duaringa, Calliope, Biloela, Moura, Blackwater, Emerald, Capella, Sapphire, Rubyvale, Anakie, Willows and Springsure.

What town is halfway between Rockhampton and Brisbane?

The best city between Rockhampton, Australia and Brisbane, Australia to meet is Hervey Bay, Australia which is about 33 miles from the exact midpoint. The town that marks the exact halfway point is actually Bundaberg, Australia. The exact latitude and longitude coordinates are 25° 14′ 2″ S and 152° 14′ 51″ E.

What towns are between Brisbane and Rockhampton?

So, break up the trip at your choice of the following stops, all of which offer something really special.

  • Sunshine Coast (119 kilometres)
  • Maryborough (149 kilometres)
  • Bundaberg (110 kilometres)
  • Gladstone (186 kilometres)
  • Rockhampton (108 kilometres)

Is the Bruce Highway open from Rockhampton to Brisbane?

The Bruce highway is now open both ways at Gin Gin, which means that you can drive from Rockhampton to Brisbane, and supplies can get through.

How far is Rockhampton to the nearest beach?

Rockhampton is situated on the Fitzroy River (pictured below), and lies 40 kilometres inland from the beautiful Capricorn Coast beaches.

How far is Rockhampton from the beach?

Which is bigger Rockhampton or Bundaberg?

Bundaberg has a population of around 45,000 and is one of the larger cities in Australia. Bundaberg is about 17m above sea level. The nearest more populous place is the city of Rockhampton which is 250km away with a population of around 59,000 (show me a map with Bundaberg and Rockhampton).

Why is Gin Gin called Gin Gin?

The town name Gin Gin has sometimes been said to derive from a local Aboriginal word indicating “red soil thick scrub”.

Is Bundaberg near Rockhampton?

Distance between Bundaberg and Rockhampton is 249 kilometers (155 miles).

Can u drive from Brisbane to Rockhampton?

The 620-km road trip from Brisbane to Rockhampton takes 7-hours to drive, without stops. Highlights along the route include Noosa, Gympie, Rainbow Beach, Fraser Island, Hervey Bay, Gladstone Agnes Waters, Yeppoon, Cape Hillsborough and Australia Zoo.

Where is the Bruce Highway flooded?

Locations may be affected include Brisbane, Ipswich, Toowoomba, Maroochydore, Gympie, Hervey Bay, Maryborough, Bundaberg, Gladstone, Kingaroy, Caboolture and Gatton. Severe Weather Warning: Heavy Rainfall.

Can you swim in the ocean at Rockhampton?

Rockhampton, Australia The beachfront has been nicely landscaped ( soon for an upgrade), and has nice walkways and a kids play area. The beach is patrolled for your safety by the Lifeguards, so good safe swimming can be had.

Can you swim in ocean at Yeppoon?

Yeppoon beaches are known for their diversity and uniqueness. Featuring long and plain sandy beaches to rocky and wilder beaches where you can swim, surf, do some canoeing and kayaking, or just relax on the beach.

Is Rockhampton a good place to live?

“Secure and Friendly Rocky” Rockhampton is a great place with plenty to do. Features such as the Botanic Gardens and the Art Gallery are world class – certainly the best of any regional centre in Australia. It is a short drive to really nice quiet beaches, or up to the ultra scenic picnic area at the top of Mt Archer.

How cold does it get in Rockhampton?

Rockhampton Weather & Climate Average temperatures reach a maximum of 32 degrees Celsius and a minimum of 22 degrees Celsius in summer with temperatures falling to a still rather pleasant 23-9 degrees Celsius in winter.

Is Toowoomba bigger than Rockhampton?

With a population of around 59,000, Rockhampton is one of the larger cities in Australia. Rockhampton is at an altitude of about 13m above sea level. The nearest more populous place is the city of Toowoomba which is 490km away with a population of around 89,000 (show me a map with Rockhampton and Toowoomba).

Which city is bigger Rockhampton or Mackay?

According to the 2001 census….Largest cities by population in Queensland.

Ranking Region Population
7 Toowoomba, QLD 89,338
8 Rockhampton, QLD 59,475
9 Mackay, QLD 57,649
10 Bundaberg, QLD 44,556

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