When was Louis Armstrong born?

4 August 1901

When was Louis Armstrong born?

4 August 1901

When did Louis Armstrong sing what a wonderful world?


What was Louis Armstrong life like?

Louis Armstrong grew up in dire poverty in New Orleans, Louisiana. As a child, he worked odd jobs and sang in a boys’ quartet. In 1913 he was sent to the Colored Waifs Home as a juvenile delinquent. There he learned to play the cornet in a band, and playing music quickly became a passion.

How did Louis Armstrong impact the 1920s?

In the 1920s, Armstrong performed with a number of different musical groups, and began to revolutionize the jazz world with his introduction of the extended solo. His popularity was phenomenal, and throughout the 1920s he was one of the most sought-after musicians in both New York and Chicago.

Why was Louis Armstrong so influential?

Many scholars call Louis Armstrong the first great jazz soloist. From the beginning of his career as a bandleader, Armstrong created ensembles to showcase his spectacular trumpet playing. His music had such an important effect on jazz history that many scholars, critics, and fans call him the first great jazz soloist.

Is Louis Armstrong French?

Like other descendants of recently freed slaves, Louis Armstrong considered himself neither French nor Spanish nor Creole. He did not speak French, nor did he identify with France, as Creoles of color did.

When did Louis Armstrong move to Harlem?

Life looked bleak for the youngster but music turned out to be his salvation. New Orleans native Louis Armstrong moved to New York City in 1924, where he played the clubs and on Broadway, helping to spread the sound of jazz to a larger audience.

How did Louis Armstrong Career Start?

Louis Armstrong was born in New Orleans, Louisiana on August 4, 1901. Mentored by the city’s top cornetist, Joe “King” Oliver, Armstrong soon became one of the most in-demand cornetists in town, eventually working steadily on Mississippi riverboats. In 1922, King Oliver sent for Armstrong to join his band in Chicago.

Why did Louis Armstrong write what a wonderful world?

George Weiss recounts in the book Off the Record: Songwriters on Songwriting by Graham Nash that he wrote the song specifically for Louis Armstrong. Weiss was inspired by Armstrong’s ability to bring people of different races together.

Who wrote what a wonderful world it would be?

Sam Cooke

How old was Louis Armstrong when died?

69 years (1901–1971)