When I consider how my light is spent Question Answer?

When I consider how my light is spent Question Answer?

‘When I Consider How My Light Is Spent’: summary He asks the question to himself, whether God expects him to work even when he has gone completely blind? Patiently, he answers himself: God does not require work or gifts from mankind, because God is a king.

What is the attitude of the speaker at the start of the poem?

The speaker starts off in a sorrowful, almost self-pitying mood. He resents the fact that blindness has robbed him of the chance to use his talents to serve God.

Is the poem on his blindness a religious poem?

Explanation: On His Blindness is a poem in which Milton reflects on his faith as he is turning blind. ‘On His Blindness’ centers on Milton’s faith in God as he is losing his sight. John Milton’s poem, “On His Blindness,” is an example of a Petrarchan sonnet and follows the rhyme scheme ABBAABBA CDECDE.

What is Milton’s one talent?

In “On His Blindness,” Milton’s “one Talent” is his ability to write well, which he believes he is compelled to use in service to God. Milton fears that, having lost his sight, his talent is rendered “useless,” perhaps making him incapable of serving God in the ways in which God requires.

What is the message of on his blindness?

The message that this poem conveys is the message of timely consecration and dedication to God. The poet lost his eye sight in his fifties; the poet felt he could have better used his eyesight in writing something to praise God. Another message that has been conveyed through the poem is the value of patience.

Who according to Milton serves God best?

Who according to Milton serves God best? According to the poet, people who ”best bear his milde yoke” best serve God.

How do you consider your light spent?

My true account, lest he returning chide; “Doth God exact day-labour, light denied?”

Why is the world dark and wide to the poet?

Why is the word ‘dark and wide’ to the poet? Answer: The poet became totally blind, therefore, the world with all its beauties and charms became completely dark to him.

What is God’s yoke why does Milton call it mild?

Answer. Bear his mild yoke, they serve him best. In these lines, Milton expresses his unfailing belief in God’s righteousness. God does not expect man to do anything but ‘bear his mild yoke’. ‘mild yoke’ is a reference to the very slight burden that man has to bear.

Why is the poet bitter in opening lines of the poem on his blindness?

In the opening lines of “On His Blindness,” the poet is bitter because being blind makes it very difficult for him to use his talent to glorify God. However, by composing this poem and others, Milton proves that he is still able to use his talent to serve God.

What does Milton Ask About God?

At this point, Milton is finishing the sentence that he began at the beginning of the poem with the word, “When.” In short, he asks, “does God require those without light to labor?” He wants to know whether when he cannot continue his work due to his blindness, will God still require work of him.

What does talent mean in line 3?

The Parable of Talents

What is the persona considering in lines 1 2 on his blindness?

Answer: Milton struggles in this sonnet with frustration at becoming blind and with his own sense of how important it is to use one’s talents well in God’s service.

When I consider how my light is spent John Milton meaning?

In “When I consider how my light is spent,” Milton reflects on blindness. This was an important topic for him, since he lost his own sight in the mid-1650s. Because of this blindness, the speaker feels unable to complete the work that the speaker had planned to do—and that God expects the speaker to perform.