When did the S6 Edge Plus come out?

When did the S6 Edge Plus come out?

21 August 2015
Samsung Galaxy S6

From left to right: Galaxy S6 in White, S6 Edge in Gold, and S6 Edge+ in Gold
Series Galaxy S series
Model S6: SM-G920x S6 Edge: SM-G925x S6 Edge+: SM-G928x
First released S6 and S6 Edge: 10 April 2015 S6 Edge+: 21 August 2015
Units sold 6 million within 1 month of release

Is S6 Edge Plus 4G?

Connect to the Web or transfer files to other devices with this Samsung smartphone which comes with 3G, 4G, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity….SAMSUNG Galaxy S6 Edge+ (Silver Titanium, 32 GB) (4 GB RAM)

Network Type 3G, 4G
Bluetooth Support Yes
Bluetooth Version 4.2
Wi-Fi Yes
Wi-Fi Version 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac

What is the current price of S6 edge?

Also available in 64GB variant for Rs. 64,900 and in 128 GB variant for Rs. 70,900.

What is the difference between a Samsung S6 and S6 Edge?

Samsung Galaxy S6 vs S6 Edge: The S6 Edge has a bigger battery. One of the key changes for the S6 is this is the first flagship Samsung phone that has a non-removable battery. This battery will last 12 hours of continuous web browsing on Wi-Fi according to Samsung, but its biggest trick is the fast charging.

Is Samsung S6 edge waterproof?

Yes, the Galaxy S6 Edge is dust and water resistant with IP67 certification. It can withstand pure (distilled) water upto 1.5 meters beneath the surface for about 30 minutes at 25 degree celsius (ideal testing conditions).

Is Samsung S6 Edge waterproof?

How long does Samsung Galaxy S6 edge plus battery last?

Galaxy S6 Edge+ – Battery In our standard test where we play an onboard video on loop with the phone in flight mode (so nothing else is drawing juice) until the battery dies the S6 Edge+ managed a massive 13 hours, that’s more than an hour longer than the iPhone 6 Plus.