What zip codes are in Chester County PA?

ZIP Codes in Chester County PA

What zip codes are in Chester County PA?

ZIP Codes in Chester County PA

  • 19382.
  • 19320.
  • 19335.
  • 19380.
  • 19460.
  • 19087.
  • 19355.
  • 19348.

How many boroughs are in Chester County PA?

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What area code is Chester County PA?

Area codes 610 and 484.

What is the wealthiest zip code in Pennsylvania?

10 Richest Pennsylvania Zip Codes

Rank Zip Code Mean Income
1 19035 $409,434
2 19085 $368,485
3 15142 $280,807
4 19066 $279,723

What’s the zip code for West Chester Pa?

West Chester/Zip codes

What towns are considered Chester County PA?

Cities and boroughs: Coatesville 314; Downingtown 255; Kennett Square 300; Oxford 535; Parkesburg 542; Phoenixville 127; Spring City 114; West Chester 459.

What is the zip code for West Chester Pa?

What is the poorest zip code in Pennsylvania?

The 16501 zip code in Erie, Pennsylvania is not only the poorest zip code in the state, but also the entire country. According to The Gannon Knight, the 16501 zip code includes the commercial district and West Twelfth Street between Liberty and Holland streets.

What county is West Chester PA in?

Chester CountyWest Chester / County

What area code is West Chester Pa?

Area code 610West Chester / Area code

Is Norristown in Chester County?

Norristown is a city located in Chester County and Montgomery County Pennsylvania. Norristown has a 2020 population of 34,185. It is also the county seat of Montgomery County.

What are the best areas in Chester?

Where to live in Chester

  • Curzon Park and Queens Park. Curzon Park and Queens Park are the most expensive and exclusive areas of Chester, along with properties along the river such as Dee Banks, Boughton and Sandy Lane.
  • Hoole.
  • Upton.
  • Handbridge.
  • Tarvin.
  • Christleton.
  • Excellent transport links.
  • Thinking of relocating to Chester?

Is Chester Pa a good place to live?

Chester County is home to 12 of the 50 Best Places to Live in Pennsylvania, including the No. 1 place in America, according to new rankings from Niche.com. Niche.com based its rankings on data from the U.S. Census Bureau, FBI, Bureau of Labor Statistics, and the Centers for Disease Control — along with user reviews.

What is America’s richest zip code?

These are America’s 10 most expensive zip codes

Rank Zip code Location
1 94027 Atherton, Calif.
2 02199 Boston
3 11962 Sagaponack, N.Y.
4 94957 Ross, Calif.

Is Chester County PA wealthy?

Chester County is the highest-earning county in Pennsylvania, according to a new report by Stacker. To determine the highest-earning counties, Stacker used data from the U.S. Census Bureau to rank counties by their five-year estimate of median household income.