What size of tires are the Chevy Silverado 2004?

Chevrolet Silverado 1500 2004 6.0

What size of tires are the Chevy Silverado 2004?

Chevrolet Silverado 1500 2004 6.0

111S OE

What does the Z71 package include 2004?

The Z71 off-road package has been upgraded for 2004, and now includes cruise control; a high capacity air cleaner; rear defogger; power door locks; carpeting; remote keyless entry; rearview mirror; AM/FM stereo with CD and cassette player; leather-wrapped steering wheel; power windows; fog lamps; color-keyed grille; …

What size tires fit on a stock Silverado?

The factory standard size tires on a Silverado are 31.6 inches, these are 265/65/R18 tires. If you want to go up to 33 inches, you will need to use 275/60/R20 tires.

What size tires are on a 2004 Chevy Silverado 2500 HD?

Chevrolet Silverado 2500 HD 2004 8.1

120R 10PR 4.5 / 5.5 65 / 80

What size rims are on a 2004 Chevy Silverado 1500?

16-20″ diameter, 6.5-8.5″ width2004 Chevrolet Silverado 1500 / Wheel size

How many miles will a 2004 Chevy Silverado last?

With regular maintenance and conscientious use, a good model year of the Chevrolet Silverado can last between 200,000 to 300,000 miles or more. That means you can easily get 10 to 20 years of reliable service from a Silverado truck with proper maintenance.

Can I put 33s on a stock Silverado?

Generally most newer Chevy Silverado pickups can fit 33 inch tires with just a leveling kit. If you want to fit 35 inch tires a lift is more likely to be required.

What size tires can I put on my Chevy Silverado 1500?

The biggest tire you can fit on a 3rd and 4th generation Chev Silverado 1500 running factory stock suspension and rims are 33.5”. The factory standard tires are 31.6′ in the form of 265/65/R18 and 33” in the form of 275/60/R20, so an extra inch is possible.

What’s the biggest tire you can put on a 16 inch rim?

Tire Sizes by Wheel Diameter

16″ Options
185/55-16 215/60-16 305/70-16
185/60-16 215/65-16 315/75-16
195/45-16 215/70-16
195/50-16 215/75-16

Will 33s fit stock Silverado 1500?