What jobs are dangerous but pay well?

What jobs are dangerous but pay well?

Top 25 dangerous jobs that pay well

  1. Tree climber. National average salary: $21.57 per hour.
  2. Diesel mechanic. National average salary: $23.05 per hour.
  3. Diver. National average salary: $50,133 per year.
  4. Carpenter foreman. National average salary: $24.35 per hour.
  5. Farm manager.
  6. Telecommunications technician.
  7. Pipefitter.
  8. Forester.

Do more dangerous jobs pay more?

Often with dangerous jobs, the pay doesn’t come close to compensating for the risk. In fact, plenty of perilous jobs pay paltry sums compared to other options. Take fishermen and loggers. They can expect median salaries of under $35,000 a year, $23,000 less than the mean for all workers.

What is the number 1 dangerous job?

Fishing and Hunting Workers These often hazardous conditions make this profession the most dangerous in the nation. Drowning is often the reason cited behind fatalities, but injury using heavy machinery can also contribute to deaths on the job.

Who makes $1000 a day?

Since this field is complex, specialized and sometimes hazardous, petroleum engineers can earn a high salary, including bonuses and overtime pay, and those with 10 or more years of experience can earn close to $1,000 per day.

What jobs earn 100K a year UK?

Jobs that make 100k a year

  • Chief Executive.
  • Brokers.
  • Air Traffic Controller.
  • Corporate and Financial Managers.
  • Prime Minister.
  • Attorney.

What is the deadliest job in 2021?

The Most Dangerous Occupations in America: 2021

  • #8 – Structural Iron and Steel Workers.
  • #7 – Drivers.
  • #6 – Refuse and Recyclable Material Collectors.
  • #5 – Construction Trade Helpers.
  • #4 – Roofers.
  • #3 – Pilots and Flight Engineers.
  • #2 – Logging.
  • #1 – Fishing.

What is the most dangerous job in Britain?

Being a paramedic was found to be the most dangerous job in the UK. The study noted 2,993 attacks on paramedics by patients reported on average every year.

What is the hardest job to get?

The 20 jobs employers find hardest to fill

Rank Job Title % of vacancies that are ‘hard to fill’
1 Optometrist 68.79
2 Solicitor 51.4
3 Surgeon 46.32
4 Software Engineer 41.8