What is the point of head covers in golf?

What is the point of head covers in golf?

Golf club head covers are designed to protect the heads and shafts of your woods from damage that can occur when the clubs jostle around in your bag. Whether you carry your clubs, pull them on a cart or attach them to a power cart, some jostling is inevitable.

What are the covers for golf clubs called?

Headcovers provide essential protection for your clubs. Most importantly, they prevent the clubheads from getting damaged in transport, especially when they bang against each other on the cart when riding along bumpy terrain. Headcovers also keep clubs safe and clean while in storage, guarding against dust and debris.

How do you make a golf head cover stuffed animal?

  1. ​Step 1: Determine where you want the club to enter on the toy and cut along a seam.
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Why do golfers hate iron covers?

Players who take this view will often frown upon golfers who use iron covers, mainly because they deem them to be unnecessary, fiddly, easy-to-lose items that are more trouble than they’re worth.

Do pro golfers use iron covers?

Aaron Rai, a two-time Euro Tour winner who just secured his PGA Tour card last month, uses iron covers, a jarring sight for a tour pro. Rai has no doubt been the butt of a few jokes on social media for committing such a crime.

Should you put head covers on irons?

You should definitely put covers on your irons if you’re worried about damage. Iron covers are far more beneficial for golfers who carry their clubs on their back in a carry bag, or drive a motorised cart – as opposed to golfers who carry their clubs in a push cart during a round.

Do any pros use iron covers?

Should I put head covers on my irons?

What is wrong with iron covers?

Oh and by the way, iron covers can lead to greater rust so how much are you really protecting them in the first place? They’re also extra faff as you’re bound to drop one or lose one completely and end up running back around the golf course looking for it.

Do professional golfers use iron covers?

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Why you shouldn’t use iron covers?