What is the most important word?

What is the most important word?

Research has revealed the true importance of the word I’m calling, “The Most Important Magic Word.” Studies have shown that this single word influences: The kinds of people) you like. The kinds of foods you like.

Which of the following is the best definition of supporting details?

The best definition of supporting details would be… Important information that tells more about the overall idea of a piece of writing.

How do you show important?

  1. Say “Thank You” Think about a time when you did something nice for someone and he or she never even acknowledged it with thanks.
  2. Focus on the Positive.
  3. Give Gifts.
  4. Speak Your Appreciation.
  5. Be a Hugger.
  6. Make Eye Contact.
  7. Brag in Public.
  8. Be Present.

How do you say something is important to you?

Terms in this set (7)

  1. paramount. more important than anything else; supreme.
  2. essential. absolutely necessary; extremely important.
  3. vital. absolutely necessary or important; essential.
  4. critical. of the ​greatest ​importance to the way things might ​happen:
  5. imperative.
  6. fundamental.
  7. at the end of the day.

How do you say someone is important?

How to Tell Someone They’re Important to You In Person

  1. “I know I don’t say it enough, but I want to let you know that you mean the absolute world to me.
  2. “You are important to me and you matter to me in every way.”
  3. “I think I could stare into your eyes and find forever with you.”

What is the role of supporting details in a text Brainly?

Supporting details give readers supporting facts, details, and examples to support a main idea, or a point that the author wants to get across. Main ideas are not effective without supporting details. You can not have supporting details without a main idea to support.

What do you call the most important thing?


  • element. noun.
  • basis. noun.
  • concern. noun.
  • key. noun.
  • essence. noun.
  • core. noun. the most important or most basic part of something.
  • staple. noun. a regular and important part or feature of something.
  • burning issue/question. phrase. something that people have strong opinions about and think is very important.

What are the examples of supporting details?

Description: Arguments, evidence, and direct examples are all supporting details that will help you make claims and prove your points. Supporting details strenghten the validity of thesis statements, and help persuade the reader to take interest in what you communicate.