What is all country name?

Alphabetical list of countries

What is all country name?

Alphabetical list of countries

# Country Land Area (Km²)
1 Afghanistan 652,860
2 Albania 27,400
3 Algeria 2,381,740
4 Andorra 470

What are good made up country names?

Here they are, in alphabetical order:

  • Ambrosia. Location of many of the fantasies of Billy Liar, in the 1959 novel by Keith Waterhouse, and the 1963 film.
  • Angria.
  • Archenland, Calormen and Narnia.
  • Atlantis.
  • Avalon.
  • Averna.
  • Buranda.
  • Carbombya.

Which country is CP?

(CP) (Thai: เจริญโภคภัณฑ์; RTGS: Charoen Phokkhaphan) is a Thai conglomerate based in Bangkok. It is Thailand’s largest private company and the largest privately held Royal Warrant holder of the Thai Royal Family.

What should I name my fantasy country?

pick a foreign-sounding word you like the sound of e.g. sorelle. Change a consonant for effect e.g. germanic military use harsh sounds so “sorek” Change a vowel e.g. “sorok” Add nationalistic trimmings e.g. People’s Democratic Republic of Sorok.

What country is HL?

Nominatim/Country Codes

ISO 3166-1 country code Country name (English) Default BCP 47 language codes (usually from ISO 639-1, or ISO 639-3 otherwise)
HN Honduras es
HR Croatia hr
HT Haiti fr, ht
HU Hungary hu

What country is EZ?

The two-letter country codes were used by the US government for geographical data processing in many publications, such as the CIA World Factbook. The standard is also known as DAFIF 0413 ed 7 Amdt….

Code Short-form name
ET Ethiopia
EU Europa Island
EZ Czechia

What country uses +22?

International Dialing Code

Serial No. Country Name Dialing Codes
23 BELIZE 501
24 BENIN 229
25 BERMUDA 1-441

How do you make a fake country name?