What HP is a CLAAS 810?

Claas Axion 810

What HP is a CLAAS 810?

Claas Axion 810

Claas Axion 810 Power
Engine: 178 hp 132.7 kW

What HP is a Claas Axion 810?


Engine type and size L FPT 6.7
Rated engine speed rpm 2,150
Rated engine power hp 200
Max. engine power hp 210

How wide is a CLAAS tractor?

The model’s dimensions are 5.16m x (no data) x 3.01m.

What engine does CLAAS use?

Each year, CLAAS shall purchase from Rolls-Royce several thousand mtu engines from Series 1000 to 1500 which it shall use to power its Lexion and Tucano combine harvesters, Jaguar forage harvesters and Xerion large tractors. The order volume will bring revenues in the mid three-digit million euros range.

What horsepower is a Claas 870?

AXION 870-800

Max. output (ECE R 120)1 hp 280
Max. output with CPM (ECE R 120)1 hp 295

What HP is Claas 800?

Claas Axion 800

Claas Axion 800 Power
Engine (gross): 193 hp 143.9 kW
Engine (max): 205 hp 152.9 kW

How good are Claas tractors?

Overall verdict. Claas deliver a compact yet powerful tractor with comfort levels you would expect on larger tractors. It’s very nice to see the overlap with technology used on their larger machines and the same layout of controls. This makes it very easy to own, operate and become familiar with.

Where are Claas tractors made?

Claas. The Le Mans factory in France, acquired with the Renault Agriculture operations in 2003, remains the principal home of Claas tractor production. The one exception is the flagship Xerion built at the Harsewinkel headquarters plant of Claas, with its Eccom CVT sourced from ZF.

What horsepower is a Claas Axion 830?

215 hp

Displacement 414.3 cu in (0 m)
Gross Power 215 hp (160 kw)
Net Power 209 hp (156 kw)
Number of Cylinders 6
Power Measured @ 2200 rpm

What HP is a Claas 850?

Claas Axion 850

Claas Axion 850 Power
Engine: 232.5 hp 173.4 kW

When did Claas start making tractors?

They started in 1913 and originally concentrated on harvesters and claim they can pick up and thresh more than 80 different crops. Later they expanded into tractors, hay equipment, mowers and balers. In 2004, they bought the Renault tractor company in France and expanded their tractor line.

Where are CLAAS tractors built?

How good are CLAAS tractors?

Where are CLAAS tractors made?

Does Caterpillar own CLAAS?

The plant is located in the largest grain growing areas in the USA and was initially operated in cooperation with Caterpillar – since 2002 fully owned by CLAAS.