What engine was freedom Planet made in?

What engine was freedom Planet made in?

Clickteam Fusion

Freedom Planet
Series Freedom Planet
Engine Clickteam Fusion
Platform(s) Windows OS X Linux Wii U PlayStation 4 Switch
Release Windows WW : July 21, 2014 OS X, Linux WW : April 17, 2015 Wii U NA: October 1, 2015 EU: October 29, 2015 PlayStation 4 NA: March 21, 2017 EU: August 25, 2017 Switch WW : August 30, 2018

How many stages does freedom planet have?

14 Stages
Stages. Freedom Planet has a total of 14 Stages, with each one (minus Final Dreadnought) having a 1st and 2nd Act and ending with a Boss Fight. The order the Stages are played in are determined by the Playable Characters, whom each can only play on 12 of the Stages.

How was freedom Planet made?

Freedom Planet began development around 2011 in the form of a Sonic the Hedgehog Fangame filled with typical Sonic Game elements, but it was decided to be changed in order to become a commercial title.

What is the planet of freedom?

Planet Freedom (惑星フリーダム, Wakusei furīdamu?), also known as the planet of Freedom or Earth, is the main setting of Sonic the Hedgehog: The Movie. It is the home planet to Sonic, Tails, Dr. Robotnik and many others.

Who is lilac Sonic the Hedgehog?

Lilac the Hedgehog is the original version of Sash Lilac, a Sonic fan character created in 2001 as Ziyo Ling’s first and favorite fan character. Lilac would much later be adapted into Sabrina “Strife” DiDuro’s Freedom Planet with permission.

Who is sash lilac?

Sash Lilac, the Main Protagonist of the Freedom Planet Series, is a hybrid Water Dragon of unknown origins who is believed to be the last of her kind. At a young age, Lilac was raised by the Red Scarves, where she underwent training in martial arts and thievery.

Where is Mobius Sonic?

It was originally stated to be “117,63222 light years from Planet Earth” in a parallel dimension and different time zone in a region made up of dark matter, but has since been shown to allow for space travel.

Who created Freedom Planet?

GalaxyTrail GamesFreedom Planet / Developer

Is freedom Planet 2 out?

The game’s release date was previously estimated to be in 2018 and was later changed to late 2019. Both of these estimates have passed, but Freedom Planet 2’s official release date is confirmed to be September 13, 2022.

What kind of dragon is lilac?

female hybrid water dragon
Lilac is a teenage female hybrid water dragon standing at 4’7″ (140 cm) after the 3-year time skip. As a hybrid, she has mammalian features such as a fluffy tail and nose.

Is sash lilac deaf?

Lilac’s earpieces are hearing aids. She has fish fin-like ears underneath them, but a genetic defect renders them useless and she’s extremely hard-of-hearing if not deaf without her earpieces.

Is Lilac a sonic character?

Lilac was originally created by Ziyo Ling in 2001 as a Sonic the Hedgehog fan character, with her design being a hedgehog.

Is Mobian a Sonic?

The Sonic Underground television series depicts a Mobius inhabited principally by anthropomorphic animal Mobians, although the variety of forms is greater than in previous series.

What is Dr Robotnik’s robot army called?

Badniks: The Eggman Empire’s brand of mass-produced robot forces. They serve as the Eggman Army’s primary foot soldiers.

How Fast Is sash lilac?

Lilac’s Power-Up in FP2; it allows her to throw projectiles with her hair whip while also accelerating the recharge time of her energy meter for 10 seconds. A dodge that provides Lilac with brief invulnerability against enemy attacks….-Button/Key-

Midair Jump x2
Ground ← / → + ↓ + Attack

Is Freedom Planet 2 still being worked on?

Both of these estimates have passed, but Freedom Planet 2’s official release date is confirmed to be September 13, 2022….Website.

Preceded by Followed by
Freedom Planet N/A

Is Sega a Freedom planet?

Freedom Planet is a platform and action game in 2D and 16-bit style graphics that mimic the look of the games released for the Sega Genesis, especially the Sonic series.

How do you unlock torque in Freedom planet?

Torque is the sole playable ally in Freedom Planet. While not playable in the base game, if you select the Beta in the properties tab of the PC version of Freedom Planet, you can play as Torque in some stages.

Is Sega a Freedom Planet?

What animal is lilac?