What does it mean by watch this space?

What does it mean by watch this space?

used to say that there will very soon be an exciting change in the situation. Planning, expecting and arranging.

What is the meaning of more space?

For example, you can refer to a large area outside as a large open space or to a small area between two objects as a small space. COBUILD Advanced English Dictionary.

What does watch this space mean urban dictionary?

DEFINITIONS1. used for telling someone that the situation is still developing and that you will provide more information soon.

Where did watch this space come from?

Etymology. A 19th century formula, originally placed by magazines in space which was reserved by an advertiser but for which no advertisement was ever submitted.

What does watch out for mean?

phrasal verb. watch out for somebody/something. ​to make an effort to be aware of what is happening, so that you will notice if anything bad or unusual happens.

Which is correct on the space or in the space?

Both of them are correct but each preposition slightly changes the diction. If we say draw in the appropriate space, we are refering to most likely some kind of box on the map, like those formed by longitude and latitude; a space with definite borders would use ‘in’.

Is it the space or space?

Never, ever use the phrase “the space” when referring to outer space, unless you’re using it to specify a particular region of outer space, like “the space between galaxies” or “the space around the sun’s corona.” In this case, “the space” is used exactly the same way it would be when speaking about earthbound spatial …

Can we say a space?

‘A space’ implies they are countable, like chairs or desks or parking spaces or something. ‘Space’ implies continuous space which isn’t being counted, like in a park or on the ocean.

What means watch out?

be on the lookout
Definition of watch out : to be vigilant or alert : be on the lookout you’d better watch out watch out for the tree!

What is the meaning of watch it?

someone to be careful
phrase. You say ‘ watch it’ in order to warn someone to be careful, especially when you want to threaten them about what will happen if they are not careful. ‘Now watch it, Patsy,’ the Sergeant told her. See full dictionary entry for watch.

What does it mean to watch over someone?

to protect someone and make certain that that person is safe: She had to watch over four young children and take care of a sick husband.

Can we use the for space?

We use “the” when there is only one of something. There’s only one space. Therefore we have to say: There are millions of stars in the space.

What is preposition for space?

Prepositions of Place: at, in, on

at the top of the page in a box on the cover
at the end of the road in my pocket on the floor
at the entrance in my wallet on the carpet
at the crossroads in a building on the menu

What does space mean in a relationship?

Personal space in a relationship means you’re taking time to put yourself first and do things that are just for you—choices that will make you feel great about yourself, putting you in a better mindset to take care of your relationship. The trick is to get the balance right.

Can you give me some space meaning?

If you give someone space to think about something or to develop as a person, you allow them the time and freedom to do this. You need space to think everything over. We will give each other space to develop.

What is space used for?

Many common everyday services for terrestrial use such as weather forecasting, remote sensing, satellite navigation systems, satellite television, and some long-distance communications systems critically rely on space infrastructure. Of the sciences, astronomy and Earth science benefit from space technology.