What does Glen Sather do?

Glen Cameron Sather (born September 2, 1943) is a Canadian ice hockey player, coach and executive. He is the current senior advisor and alternate governor of the New York Rangers of the National Hockey League (NHL).

What does Glen Sather do?

Glen Cameron Sather (born September 2, 1943) is a Canadian ice hockey player, coach and executive. He is the current senior advisor and alternate governor of the New York Rangers of the National Hockey League (NHL).

Is Glen Sather still with the New York Rangers?

When Sather stepped down as President in 2019 to become an adviser and to help find his successor, Dolan bestowed incredible praise on him. “Since he first joined the Rangers 19 years ago, Glen Sather has been singularly focused on delivering our fans a team that can consistently compete for the Stanley Cup.

How old is Glen Sather?

78 years (September 2, 1943)Glen Sather / Age

Who did Glen Sather coach?

Edmonton OilersGlen Sather / Team coached (Head coach, 1976–1994)The Edmonton Oilers are a professional ice hockey team based in Edmonton. The Oilers compete in the National Hockey League as a member of the Pacific Division of the Western Conference. They play their home games at Rogers Place, which opened in 2016. Wikipedia

Why is Glen Sather called slats?

His nickname ‘Slats’ was bestowed upon Sather because of the amount of time he spent on the old wooden benches of the day.

Who owns the Rangers hockey?

James Dolan

New York Rangers
Media MSG Network MSG Plus ESPN (98.7 FM) ESPN Deportes (1050 AM)
Owner(s) Madison Square Garden Sports (James Dolan, chairman)
General manager Chris Drury
Head coach Gerard Gallant

Where was Glen Sather born?

High River, CanadaGlen Sather / Place of birthHigh River is a town within the Calgary Metropolitan Region of Alberta, Canada. It is approximately 68 kilometres south of Calgary, at the junction of Alberta Highways 2 and 23. High River had a population of 13,584 in 2006. Wikipedia

Did Glen Sather win the Stanley Cup as a player?

He also served as Head Coach of the Rangers from January 30, 2003 to February 25, 2004. Sather led the Edmonton Oilers to five Stanley Cup Championships between 1984 – 1990, overseeing the development of a revolutionary team concept as well as some of the finest individual talents ever to play the game.

Is Peter Pocklington still in jail?

Former Edmonton Oilers owner, Peter Pocklington has been bailed out of jail in California by his former general manager, Glen Sather. It was Pocklington who sold “The Great One,” Wayne Gretzky to the L.A. Kings in 1988.

Why did Peter Pocklington trade Wayne Gretzky?

“With Wayne’s contract looming in another year, Edmonton could not compete, I could not compete with a five-or seven-million-dollar a year offer,” says Pocklington. “That was more than our total payroll.” So he decided to move “the asset” while he could get something in return.

Why are they called the Rangers?

Founded in New York by Tex Rickard in 1926 as an expansion franchise, the team was given its name by the New York press, which nicknamed it “Tex’s Rangers” (a play on the phrase “Texas Rangers”).

Who did Glen Sather play for?

Glen Sather

Season Team Lge
1983-84 Edmonton Oilers NHL
1984-85 Edmonton Oilers NHL
1985-86 Edmonton Oilers NHL
1986-87 Edmonton Oilers NHL

What is Peter Pocklington doing now?

Peter Pocklington, the contentious businessman who once owned the Edmonton Oilers, is exploring a new business opportunity: cannabis. Pocklington is listed as a manager with Magic Dragon Realty, a California-based business that aims to grow and sell cannabis on a wholesale basis.

What does Gretzky do now?

Wayne Gretzky is entering the hockey broadcasting world. The NHL’s all-time leading scorer signed a multi-year deal to become a studio analyst with American-based Turner Sports on Wednesday.

Why are the Rangers called Blueshirts?

The team’s early success led to players becoming minor celebrities and fixtures in New York City’s Roaring Twenties nightlife. During this time, playing at the Garden on 49th Street, blocks away from Times Square, that the Rangers obtained their nickname “The Broadway Blueshirts”.

Why are the Rangers called Texas?

Arlington is located between Dallas and Fort Worth, so there was no desire to play favorite toward either city. The franchise was identified as Texas. The next step was a nickname, and that was easy in 1971: the Texas Rangers. The namesake Texas Rangers are an investigative arm of the Texas Department of Public Safety.

Is Pocklington still alive?

Pocklington is known for being the owner of the Edmonton Oilers during their heyday in the 1980s. He brought Wayne Gretzky to the team in the 1970s before eventually trading him to the Los Angeles Kings. He sold the Oilers in 1998 and now lives in California.