What does DFT mean in slang?

Don’t Fault the Teacher

What does DFT mean in slang?

Don’t Fault the Teacher

What are editing marks used for?

Proofreading marks are used to highlight spelling, vocabulary, grammatical, and punctuation errors, along with formatting and layout issues.

What does a circle mean in editing?

A caret shows where an additional or corrected or substituted letter, word, or phrase is to be inserted in or above the line. The letter or punctuation to be deleted may also be circled with the delete mark. A stroke through a capital letter means set it in lowercase.

What can SC stand for?

Definition. SC. South Carolina (US postal abbreviation) SC.

What is DTS in text?

Meaning. DTS. Don’t Think So.

What is LTR in dating?

Long term relationship is sometimes shortened what the acronym LTR especially in personal advertisements. Most everyone agrees that a long term relationship must involve emotional intimacy and a long-term commitment.

What does heyyy mean from a girl?

“Hey” means “friends,” “heyy” means they think they like you, “heyyy” means “take the hint already,” “heyyyy” means “dtf,” and “heyyyyy” means they are drunk.

What is DFD stand for?


Acronym Definition
DFD Data Flow Diagram
DFD Down for the Day (beach tourists)
DFD Demokratischer Frauenbund Deutschlands (German: German Democratic Women’s Federation)
DFD Document Freedom Day (computing)

What is DT short for?

In American football, DT is an acronym for defensive tackle, often one of the strongest and biggest players on the team and whose job it is to break the offensive line. The position of defensive tackle has been abbreviated as DT since at least the 1960s.

What is the full form DTS?

What does DTS mean? Digital Theater Systems (DTS) is a series of multichannel audio technologies owned by DTS, Inc., formerly known as Digital Theater Systems, Inc., an American company specializing in digital surround sound formats used for both commercial/theatrical and consumer grade applications.

What does the initials DTF stand for?

DTF is an initialism standing for down to fuck, meaning that someone is willing to engage in a short-term sexual relationship.

What does ETB mean sexually?

Equipment Transfer Bag. Secondly, what does ETB mean sexually? It really just means checking in post-sex, and if anything did happen that one or all parties felt weird about, making sure it doesn’t happen the next time.

Who invented DTF?

Seth Rogen

What is DTF printing?

DTF is the new technology that gives the advantage to any person to print digital transfers to decorate dark and light t-shirts on cotton, polyester, 50/50 blends, leather, nylon, and more without the need to press A+B papers like in white toner printers. …

What does DTF mean in the military?

Acronym Meaning
DTF Development & Training Flight (US Air Force)
DTF Development Test Facility
DTF DHAPP (Department of Defense HIV/AIDS) Prevention Program Travel Form
DTF Distributed Terascale Facility (National Science Foundation distributed supercomputing grid)

What does a triangle mean in editing?

Triangle = unnecessary punctuation. In hard copy proofreading, corrections typically appear in the left or right margins beside the line containing the error. A mark is also placed in the text to indicate where the correction needs to be made.