What does Despite that mean?

What does Despite that mean?

Despite is defined as not affected by or in spite of. An example of despite is when you go outside even though the fact that it is raining. preposition.

What does Despite myself mean?

: even though one does not want to She stared at the couple despite herself.

What is another word for in spite of?

What is another word for in spite of?

however nevertheless
in any event despite everything
after everything anyhow
but in spite of this
despite this irregardless

What does in spite of me mean?

n. 1 maliciousness involving the desire to harm another; venomous ill will. 2 an instance of such malice; grudge. 3 Archaic something that induces vexation.

How do you use the word nevertheless in a sentence?

  1. He was very tired; nevertheless he went on walking.
  2. Nevertheless, we will do everything.
  3. We are going nevertheless we shall return.
  4. What you said was true but nevertheless unkind.
  5. She was very tired, nevertheless she kept on working.
  6. Though very intelligent, she is nevertheless rather modest.

Do you put a comma after despite?

Despite as a final parenthetical element In other words, it is a feeling of anger or rage out of an unfavorable circumstance. When we structure our parenthetical expression in such a way that it ends with the noun form of despite, then a comma has to be placed after it.

Can you start a sentence with despite the fact?

Despite the fact that she was wearing a seat belt, she was thrown sharply forward. She’s taking her children on holiday, despite the fact that school starts tomorrow. 3. She went to Spain despite the fact that her doctor had told her to rest.

What is the difference between although and nevertheless?

Notice that in the example above nevertheless comes in between the subject he and the verb agreed. If we put it before the subject the sentence will not be good: #Although he was barred from operating on patients, nevertheless he agreed to do the transplant.