Is Federal 9mm ammo good for self-defense?

Is Federal 9mm ammo good for self-defense?

A common choice for law enforcement agencies, this 9mm ammo has scored well in FBI and independent ballistic tests. The Federal HST LE bullet is designed to expand to create a large wound cavity. The ammo provides a good combination of expansion consistency, penetration depth, and reliability for self defense use.

Is Federal 9mm good?

With Federal’s renown reliability and affordable price point, this ammo is the perfect choice for any 9mm Luger owner. With no exposed lead, Federal Champion 9mm Luger ammo is perfect for indoor ranges. With Federal Champion shooters get quality ammunition at an affordable price.

Are Federal Hydra Shok any good?

The Hydra-Shok cartridge is an excellent reflection of 30 years of experience in cartridge manufacturing. As a personal defense round, it is a performer. Our testing proved its effectiveness from weapons commonly carried for self-defense.

Does Federal make good ammo?

Federal Premium They are also probably the top manufacturer for shotgun shells. Their Power-Shok sabot slugs get high marks from users for their knockdown power on whitetail deer. Don’t overlook Federal Premium’s Vital-Shok rounds for both shotguns and rifles. These are easy to find on outdoor shelves nation-wide.

Which is better HST or Hydra-Shok?

Barrier penetration and velocity give HST the edge for self-defense. However, despite its age, Hydra-Shok isn’t far behind. There’s no other way of putting it, both Federal lines are a winner. The Hydra-Shok has a long and undeniable history of attack-stopping performance.

What is the difference between federal HST and Hydra-Shok?

Hydra Shok has been around about a decade longer than HST. Federal HST is a hollow-point round designed to consistently expand while passing through a large variety of barriers. Hydra Shok ammo was designed with law enforcement in mind, HST was intended to only be sold to law enforcement.

What does HST mean in federal ammo?

In 2002, Federal Premium introduced its HST ammunition, which was intended for—and sales were restricted to—law enforcement. This “tactical” ammunition featured a new bullet designated “HST.” Some hypothesized the abbreviation stood for “Hi-Shok Two,” but in reality it was just a name.

Does federal still make Hydra Shok?

Who Manufactures Hydra Shok Ammo? Federal Ammunition is the exclusive manufacturer of Hydra Shok branded cartridges. They began manufacturing the cartridge in 1989, one year after Burczynski announced his ballistic invention. More than 30-years later, the design remains a popular option for self-defense.

What does HST stand for in federal ammo?