How old is Sobers?

85 years (July 28, 1936)Garfield Sobers / Age

How old is Sobers?

85 years (July 28, 1936)Garfield Sobers / Age

Who is better Kallis or Sobers?

Kallis scored 13,289 runs at an average of 55.37 with 45 hundreds; Sobers scored 8032 at an average of 57.78 with 26 hundreds. While West Indies won only 31 of the 93 Tests played by Sobers, South Africa have won 82 of the 166 Test matches played by Kallis.

What is the Sir Garfield Sobers statue made of?

bronze statue
Sir Garfield Sobers Statue Weighing 1.5 tonnes, this bronze statue which stands at 12ft tall (monument height – 20ft tall) is the work of masters of the art sculptors Karl and Virgil Broodhagen.

What is Sir Garfield Sobers known for?

For the cricketing world of the West Indies, Sir Garfield Sobers, a Barbados national, is an embodiment of excellence and a symbol of West Indian pride. Cricketer par excellence, Sir Garfield distinguished himself as a superior cricketer, classified as the greatest all rounder ever.

How many sir are there in cricket?

There are currently twelve English cricket personalities who have been knighted for services to the game: Sir Francis Lacey (Gazette issue 33179) Sir Frederick Toone (Gazette issue 33517) Sir Pelham Warner (Gazette issue 34396)

Where was Sir Garfield Sobers born?

Bridgetown, BarbadosGarfield Sobers / Place of birth

Where does Garfield Sobers live now?

He is now one of the highest decorated Australians, having been made an Officer (AO) in the General Division. Sir Garfield, 66, who lives in Barbados, was honoured for service to cricket as a player and supporter of young players, particularly from disadvantaged areas and groups.

Who created the Sir Garfield Sobers statue?

Messrs Karl and Virgil Broodhagen
The statue was sculpted by Messrs Karl and Virgil Broodhagen courtesy of the Government of Barbados April 2002. Inscribed on plinth, back: Cricketer extraordinaire. National Hero of Barbados.

Why is Sir Garfield Sobers a national hero?

On Sunday April 28th, 2002 the Sir Garfield Sobers sculpture was originally unveiled as part of the Heroes Day Celebrations. It was dedicated to Sir Garfield Aubrun Sobers for his accomplishments as the world’s greatest all-rounder cricketer and for his contributions to the world of cricket.

Who has hit the most Test sixes among currently active Test cricketers?

1) Ben Stokes- 90 Sixes Ben Stokes leads the tally with 90 sixes to his credit.

Is Donald Bradman alive?

February 25, 2001Don Bradman / Date of death

Who gave Sir title?

Sir is a formal honorific address in English for men, derived from Sire in the High Middle Ages. Both are derived from the old French “Sieur” (Lord), brought to England in 1066 by the French-speaking Normans, and which now exist in French only as part of “Monsieur”, with the equivalent “My Lord” in English.

Who is Big Bird in cricket?

Joel Garner
Joel Garner, byname Big Bird or Big Joel, (born December 16, 1952, Christ Church, Barbados), West Indian cricketer who was one of the game’s dominant bowlers in the 1970s and ’80s.

When was Sir Garfield Sobers born?

July 28, 1936 (age 85 years)Garfield Sobers / Date of birth
Sir Garfield Sobers, in full Sir Garfield St. Aubrun Sobers, byname Gary Sobers, (born July 28, 1936, Bridgetown, Barbados), West Indian cricketer, considered by many authorities the most gifted all-around player of all time.

What did Sir Garfield Sobers do for Barbados?

Sir Garfield St Auburn Sobers brought the spotlight to the island of Barbados, encouraging the growth and popularity of cricket and sparked many Barbadians into following their dreams.

Who was Garnet Ashby?

Garnet Ashby, captain of Kent St Philip, told him that this was his opportunity to play cricket with “the big boys.”…QUICK FACTS.

Occupation Cricketer
Date of Birth 28 July 1936
Place of Birth Bayland, St. Michael, Barbados
Notable Accomplishments
Greatest cricket allrounder

Who is the T20 King?

West Indies cricket team batsman Chris Gayle currently holds the record for hitting the most sixes in T20 cricket. Often regarded as the greatest T20 batsman in history, the Chris Gayle has clobbered 1056 sixes in 461 matches and has amassed a staggering 14,547 runs at an average of 36.28 and strike rate of 144.81.