How much is a Concorde worth?


How much is a Concorde worth?


How much did Concorde sell for?

With an estimated budget of £70m ($86.8m), when the aircraft took its first flight, the project totaled some £1.3bn ($1.6bn). That figure today is something more like £7.67bn ($9.52bn). In the end, there were only ever 20 Concorde produced, meaning that the individual cost for each aircraft was significant.

Why did Concorde cost so much?

Moreover, the Concorde is more expensive to maintain. British Airways says its seven Concordes get up to 57 hours of maintenance for every hour in the air, far more than what is accorded subsonic aircraft. Fuel consumption, too, makes them expensive to run.

Can you buy a Concorde?

Twenty aircraft were built, including six prototypes and developmental aircraft. Air France and British Airways were the only airlines to purchase and fly the Concorde. The aircraft was used mainly by wealthy passengers who could afford to pay a high price in exchange for the aircraft’s speed and luxury service.

Did Concorde make a profit?

The Concorde brought a $17.3-million profit to British Airways last year and a profit of $8.8 million to Air France in 1984, the most recent year for which figures were available.

Does anyone privately own a Concorde?

As detailed by this former pilot of the Concorde, the plane regularly flew as a charter with small passenger loads of VIPs often. So even though no one ever owned it specifically for private business it served that purpose quite well.

Why did the Concorde lose money?

“In the past, the Concorde was profitable,” Mr. Noyes said, but it was losing money after it was returned to service following an Air France crash in 2000 that killed 113 people. A spokesman for Air France, Jean-Jacques de Saint Andrieu, said that his airline’s Concorde operation was profitable “in some years.”

Can any Concordes still fly?

Concorde was a supersonic passenger airliner designed and produced as a joint venture between BAC (England) and Sud Aviation (France). 20 aircraft were built in France and the United Kingdom, 6 of which were used as prototype and development aircraft. Concorde was retired from service in 2003 and no longer flies.