How many locations does Benchmark Senior Living have?

Is benchmark a good company to work for?

How many locations does Benchmark Senior Living have?

63 senior living
Founded in 1997 by Tom Grape, a charter member of the Governor’s Council to Address Aging in Massachusetts, Benchmark employs 6,300 associates and operates 63 senior living communities in seven states.

Who owns Benchmark Senior Living?

Tom Grape
Tom Grape is founder, chairman and CEO of Benchmark. Since 1997, he has led Benchmark to become the largest senior housing company in the Northeast. With 6,300 associates and more than 60 communities across seven states, Benchmark has assets under management of over $2.5 billion.

Is benchmark a good company to work for?

81% of employees at Benchmark Senior Living say it is a great place to work compared to 57% of employees at a typical U.S.-based company. Source: Great Place to Work® 2021 Global Employee Engagement Study.

Is Benchmark Electronics a good place to work?

Is Benchmark Electronics a good company to work for? Benchmark Electronics has an overall rating of 3.3 out of 5, based on over 356 reviews left anonymously by employees. 64% of employees would recommend working at Benchmark Electronics to a friend and 53% have a positive outlook for the business.

Is benchmark a good company?

Benchmark has been named one of the Top Places to Work for 14 straight years (one of two companies to achieve this) in The Boston Globe’s annual employee-based survey and received repeated recognition in FORTUNE’s Best Workplaces for Aging Services list.

Who is BenchMark my plan?

We are a company interested in helping you, help your employees, have the best portfolio possible. By comparing your company’s 401k plans to those of a similar size and structure across the industry, you can rest assured that you have fulfilled your fiduciary duty to invest and monitor responsibly.

How many employees does BenchMark Physical Therapy have?

BenchMark Physical Therapy corporate office is located in 3531 Broad St STE 105, Chattanooga, Tennessee, 37409, United States and has 1,667 employees.

What is 401k benchmarking?

September 01, 2021. 401(k) For Employers. Simply stated, benchmarking is the process of reviewing and evaluating your company retirement plan. It involves taking a look at what you are offering your employees today and deciding if it’s appropriate or needs some updating.

How many locations does BenchMark Physical Therapy have?

Founded in 1995 with a single center in Ooltewah, Tennessee, BenchMark Physical Therapy quickly grew to deliver physical therapy services through an expanding network of more than 300+ clinics across the country.

In what year was physical therapy established as a field of study answer in numeric form?

The first physical therapy research was published in the United States in March 1921 in “The PT Review.” In the same year, Mary McMillan organized the American Women’s Physical Therapeutic Association (now called the American Physical Therapy Association (APTA).

How often should you benchmark your 401k plan?

How often should you benchmark your 401(k) plan? In theory, you can—and should—benchmark each year. In doing so, you can help ensure you’re doing your due diligence as a plan sponsor.

How many locations does upstream rehabilitation have?

A network of brands with 1100+ locations, and still growing strong.

Are physical therapists quackery?

6 Many or even most mainstream rehabilitation options and treatments are based on some really antiquated ideas, and offer surprisingly little evidence-based bang for the buck-per-minute. It isn’t “quackery,” per se, but it certainly falls far short of good, modern care with proven benefits.

What were physical therapists originally called?

In 1918 the term “Reconstruction Aide” was used to refer to individuals practicing physical therapy. The first school of physical therapy was established at Walter Reed Army Hospital in Washington, D.C., following the outbreak of World War I.

How do I benchmark my 401k?

Benchmarking 401(k) fees on an all-in basis involves totaling your 401(k) provider’s administration and investment fees into a single (all-in) fee and then comparing the sum to the all-in fee of competing providers.

Why you should benchmark your 401k?

Benchmarking can help you evaluate if your retirement plan’s services and fees are competitive with other plans. This process can help you understand if your plan is designed to empower your employees or if it’s time to change providers.

How many employees does upstream rehabilitation have?

Upstream’s approximately 3,500 providers perform over 5 million patient visits annually. “I am pleased to welcome the Results team to Upstream,” said Ron Kuerbitz, Chief Executive Officer of Upstream.

Who is the CEO of Upstream rehabilitation?

Ronald Kuerbitz –
Ronald Kuerbitz – Chief Executive Officer – Upstream Rehabilitation | LinkedIn.