How far is the Coimbra wreck from Shinnecock Inlet?

Where can I catch cod in Long Island?

How far is the Coimbra wreck from Shinnecock Inlet?

roughly 30 miles
For Long Islanders, the center of activity has been the Coimbra Wreck, a 423-foot tanker sunk by a German U-boat in 1942. It rests on the bottom in 180 feet of water roughly 30 miles southeast of Shinnecock Inlet and serves as an easy mark to start your search.

Where can I catch cod in Long Island?

Top Long Island Cod Fishing Destinations

  • Montauk. 53 fishing charters.
  • Narragansett. 56 fishing charters.
  • Mastic. 21 fishing charters.
  • Keyport. 80 fishing charters.

Where are the fluke on Long Island?

Montauk, New York As the location of the current world-record catch, perhaps Montauk is the granddaddy of all fluke spots. The waters off the eastern tip of Long Island have structure and baitfish populations that attract huge numbers of 3- to 10-pound fluke, with occasional fish weighing in the teens.

What fish are running on Long Island?

In fact, Long Island is ideally situated so that both southern and northern fish species frequent our waters. Anglers can fish for Atlantic cod, winter flounder and mackerel in the spring, or try their luck for bluefish, summer flounder and triggerfish during the summer months.

Where is the Cambria wreck?

SS Cambria was a British cargo-passenger steamship wrecked off the north-west of Ireland on 19 October 1870 with the loss of 178 lives.

Where can I catch tuna on Long Island?

Top Long Island Yellowfin Tuna Fishing Destinations

  • Montauk. 53 fishing charters.
  • Keyport. 82 fishing charters.
  • Westerly. 53 fishing charters.
  • Hampton Bays. 47 fishing charters.

What fish is in season on Long Island?

July – October

  • All species are in season.
  • Yellowfin Tuna, Bigeye Tuna, Bluefin, Longfin Tuna (Albacore), Mahi Mahi, Wahoo, Swordfish, Blue Marlin and White Marlin.
  • Dolphin (Porpoise), Sea Turtles, Manta Rays and Whale Sharks can be spotted on many offshore trips.

What fish are at Robert Moses State Park?

Robert Moses State Park – Linked to Fire Island, Robert Moses State Park is a prime surf fishing spot for Fluke fishing on Long Island–Bluefish and Crabs, too. Besides fishing, they also have a spectacular golf course for those who wish to take a break from catching fish.

Where is the deepest part of the Long Island Sound?

Average depth is 78 feet, and the deepest point is approximately 300 feet and is located at the Eastern end. 90% of its freshwater comes from the Connecticut , Thames , and Housatonic Rivers .

Where is the best place to catch flounder?

“Flounder like moving water around coves, estuaries and inlets that present fairly deep centers and shallow fringes. A sand or gravel bottom is ideal, but they’ll also feed over mud and grassy areas as well as mussel beds and creeks that empty into deeper water.

Can you catch tuna on Long Island?

Yellowfin Tuna fishing in Long Island is highly variable throughout the year. High season is August. Low season is January to June and October to December. There is no closed season.

What fish are in Long Island Sound now?

Fluke are plentiful along the Sound; however, it would be nice if there were a few more keepers around. Porgy fishing is as good as it gets. Sea bass fishing is off to a good start and inside the Peconic Bays, weakfish, cocktail blues, jumbo fluke and porgies keep rods bending from Rose Grove to Greenport.

Can you catch tuna from the shore?

Catching yellowfin tuna from shore is not unheard of, but it’s rare considering that the pelagic fish are generally found in schools several miles offshore.

Can you catch tuna off of Long Island?

What is the best time to fish for snapper?

Early morning and evening is the best time for snapper, since many fish feed at night and rely on low light for camouflage, especially in shallow water.

What is the best bait for porgy?

Clams and sandworms are prized for porgy baits by the pros. However, when smaller fish are present, many anglers opt for squid as it stays on the hook better.

Can I fish at Robert Moses Beach?

Surf fishing is permitted along the shores of Robert Moses State Park, or you can cast your line from one of the piers. Fishing is permitted year round and permits can be bought starting in early January until the end of April.

Are there sharks in Long Island Sound?

Although several shark species likely infrequently wander in and out of the Sound, e.g. blue shark, mako shark, hammerhead shark and thresher shark, there are only four species of sharks which are regularly found in the area. These are the sand tiger shark, the sandbar shark, the spiny dogfish and the smooth dogfish.

How deep is the ocean off Long Island?

65 feet
Long Island Sound’s 1,300 square miles of surface area, with an average depth of 65 feet, contains about 67 billion tons of water. That’s 18 trillion gallons, and a “trillion” is 1,000,000,000,000 or a thousand billions!