How do you use Romertopf for the first time?

How do you use Römertopf for the first time?

First Time Use

  1. Always soak the lid before you prepare your meal.
  2. Always put the Römertopf in a cold oven.
  3. When trying out a new recipe check on the progress of your dish 15 minutes before the finished time to see if it is done.

How long do I soak my Römertopf?

This initial 45-minute soaking is required only once, and after that you soak it for just 15 minutes before each use. Since the bottom pot has a non-porous, glazed interior there is no reason to soak it, though you can if you like. I also filled my old and cherished Mexico-made 3-Qt Romertopf for its 15 minute soak.

What temperature do you cook Römertopf at?


  1. When starting the cooking process, place your Römertopf in the middle of your oven.
  2. The ideal temperature for cooking in the Römertopf is between 375°F – 500°F.
  3. Dishes with a very long cooking time require a lower temperature then those which cook quickly.

Do I have to soak Römertopf?

EASY TO HANDLE – JOY TO USE – Before its first use, your RÖMERTOPF® needs a “really good soak.” Then clean it with a brush to loosen any clay dust particles from the manufacturing process. – Moisten your RÖMERTOPF® before every use.

Do you soak top and bottom of Römertopf?

Directions for Use & Care. Before using the first time, wash thoroughly with hot water. Do not use soaps. Rinse well, then completely immerse in water and soak both the top and the bottom for about 15 minutes.

Does Römertopf need to be soaked?

Can I put my Römertopf in a hot oven?

Never place it directly on a heated range top or open flame. Always place the RÖMERTOPF® in a cold oven. – Never add cold liquid to the dish during the cooking process or your RÖMERTOPF® might crack. Pour in warm or hot liquid only.

Can you preheat a Römertopf?

I put the empty, un-greased Romertopf into the oven when I turn it on to pre-heat so it pre-heats for as long as it takes the oven to come up to temp – maybe around 20 – 30 minutes.

Do you have to soak a Römertopf?

Can you use a Römertopf to bake bread?

Bake Bread in a Clay Pot! I also love baking chicken in the clay pot… if you are looking for a foolproof recipe, this Romertopf Clay Pot Chicken & Roasted Vegetables is our favorite! Or if you have sourdough starter, this recipe for clay pot sourdough bread is a winner.

How do you use Romertopf clay baker for bread?

How to Bake Bread in Romertopf Clay Pots

  1. Soak the top and bottom of the Romertopf pot in water for 15 minutes.
  2. Drain the top and bottom and pat the insides dry.
  3. Prepare completely the bread dough of your choice.
  4. Grease the inside of the pot and lid lightly with olive or vegetable oil.

Do I need to soak Romertopf?

Can you use a Romertopf to bake bread?

Can I put my Romertopf in a hot oven?

Is a Romertopf a Dutch oven?

This natural dutch oven from Romertopf has a diameter of 9 inches / 23cm and a height of 6 inches / 15cm. The clay baker is flame safe and was designed for use on the BBQ, grill, fire pit, stovetop, oven microwave, and the smoker.

How do you clean a Römertopf?

To clean the Römertopf, wash with hot water, and mild dish washing liquid. Do not use harsh abrasives on the lid, since it is porous and unglazed. Clean with a stiff brush or non-abrasive sponge.

Is Römertopf German?

Each Römertopf® is handcrafted in Germany using the natural clay resources found in Germany for the finest quality in the world. The unglazed top is to be soaked before use.