How do you fix a stuck computer on Welcome screen?

How can I fix Windows 10 getting stuck on the Welcome screen?

How do you fix a stuck computer on Welcome screen?

How can I fix Windows 10 getting stuck on the Welcome screen?

  1. Disconnect from the Internet.
  2. Check your hardware.
  3. Disconnect your USB devices.
  4. Use a debugging software.
  5. Disable Credential Manager.
  6. Disable Fast Startup feature.
  7. Remove your laptop battery.
  8. Remove SmartPass.

Why is my laptop stuck on the welcome loading screen?

A computer gets stuck on the Welcome screen usually after an update or after entering a password. A quick fix for that is to scan the OS for system bugs. Also, the Internet connection might be interfering sometimes. Some recent changes within your settings or new software can also prompt this problem.

How do I force quit a print job?

Go to Start, Control Panel and Administrative Tools. Double click on Services icon. 2. Scroll down to the Print Spooler service and right click on it and select Stop.

How do I bypass the spooler?

Now go to Computer Configuration > Administrative Templates > Printers. Scroll down and double-click the Allow Print Spooler to accept client connections. 3. Select the Disabled option, click Apply, then OK.

What to do when your computer is stuck on starting Windows?

Shut down your laptop > boot into system recovery (press f11 repeatedly as soon as you press the power button) > then, select “Troubleshoot”> “Advanced options”> “System Restore”. Then, follow on-screen instructions to finish.

Why is my computer stuck on login screen?

Let’s try booting in safe mode from login screen and check, if it works. Restart your PC. When you get to the sign-in screen, hold the Shift key down while you select Power > Restart. After your PC restarts to the Choose an option screen, select Troubleshoot > Advanced options > Startup Settings > Restart.

How do I fix a stuck print queue?

Clear printer jobs stuck in the print queue

  1. Stop the Print Spooler service.
  2. Delete the files in the Printers directory.
  3. Restart the Restart the Print Spooler service.

What happens if you disable Windows Print Spooler?

You won’t be able to print anymore on the device if the Print Spooler service is not running. You could enable it on demand, e.g. just the moment before you start a new print job on the device, and turn it off afterwards again.

How do you disable Windows Print Spooler?

From the Services panel, scroll down and double-click on “Print Spooler.” When the Print Spooler Properties window opens, select the drop-down next to “Startup Type:” and pick “Disabled.” Select the “Stop” button to halt the service and select the “Ok” button to apply the changes.

Why won’t my computer go past the loading Windows screen?

In some cases, the “Windows stuck on loading screen” issue is caused by Windows updates or other problems. At this time, you can enter the Safe Mode, do nothing, and then reboot your computer to help the computer start normally again. Safe Mode starts with a minimum set of drivers, software, and service.

How do I clear my printer queue that won’t delete?

When you can’t remove a print job from the printing queue window by right-clicking the stuck job and clicking Cancel, you can try restarting your PC. This will sometimes remove offending items from the queue.

Should I turn off Print Spooler?

As long as your PC is updated, there’s no reason to disable the Print Spooler service. If you can’t change the group policy setting (for example, if you’re running the Home edition of Windows 10), you can disable the Print Spooler service entirely on your computer using the Windows Services panel.

Do I still need to disable Print Spooler?

Microsoft suggests once again to disable the Print Spooler to protect against new 0-day vulnerability. Several Windows printing related vulnerabilities have been discovered, disclosed and resolved in recent time.

What happens if I turn off Print Spooler?

Warning: You will not be able to print or fax with your PC while the Print Spooler service is disabled. When you’re ready to print again, you’ll need to reenable it with the same method you used here.

How do I fix Windows 8 stuck on loading screen?