How do you display greeting cards?

We explore some of the most creative Christmas card ideas to show them off in our homes.

How do you display greeting cards?

We explore some of the most creative Christmas card ideas to show them off in our homes.

  1. Drape ribbon over the back of doors.
  2. Make your own DIY card holder.
  3. Arrange cards in a Christmas tree shape.
  4. Line the shelves.
  5. Peg cards to a vase arrangement.
  6. Tuck them into a window mirror.
  7. Style on-trend shutters.

How do you hang greeting cards on the wall?

Use wooden clothespins to secure the cards to the ribbon, then hang the ribbon on your wall with poster putty or a thumb tack.

  1. For a fancier look, hot glue a narrower ribbon in a contrasting color down the center of the first ribbon.
  2. Alternatively, you can hot glue the clothespins down the center of the ribbon.

How do I display my family Christmas cards?

15 Ways To Display Your Christmas Cards

  1. String a colorful ribbon across a wall or your mantel.
  2. Create a clothespin wreath to clip your cards on.
  3. Hang cards with mini clothespins or paperclips along ribbon.
  4. String pom-pom fringe across a window.
  5. Simply place in a basket on a table.

How do I display previous years Christmas cards?

Turn a pair of old windows into a Christmas card display by using twine, clothespins, and small cedar sprigs throughout. Get the tutorial at The Lily Pad Cottage. Give an old post new life by hanging cards on it with twine. Top with Christmas greens and a bow to complete the festive look.

What is the best way to display Christmas cards?

Use ribbon, twine or any string to hang between the two sides of an old picture frame. Make sure you leave some slack between both sides so the ribbon hangs nicely. Next, attach your Christmas greetings using clothespins or paper clips and finally, hang your frame for all to see.

How do you display greeting cards on the wall at home?

Attach the greeting cards to the wood using decoupage glue. To give it an added shine, cover the whole piece with high-gloss varnish. Hang the artwork in a long, narrow section of your home, such as a hallway or landing.

How do I sell handmade cards UK?

Some of the best places to sell cards are at craft fairs and community events, so look out for these advertised in your area. If you prefer to do it all from home, you can sell cards individually or in packs online, on craft sites such as Etsy and even on Ebay.

Is there a binder for Toploaders?

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How do you display Christmas cards in a small space?

This DIY Christmas card display is small on space but big on impact. Create a colorful tree with hooks and yarn. Attach hooks to your wall in a triangle shape and thread yarn through randomly. Use small clothespins or clips to attach holiday cards.