How do I renew my TFL private hire licence?

You can email us on to:

How do I renew my TFL private hire licence?

You can email us on to:

  1. Check the progress of your application or renewal.
  2. Change your name or address.
  3. Inform us of a change in your medical health.
  4. Apply for an exemption.
  5. Request a replacement licence.
  6. Notify us of any convictions, cautions or charges.

How long does a TFL taxi licence last?

14 years
Taxi and private hire fleet information To comply with air quality standards, taxis can be licensed for a maximum of 14 years, and private hire vehicle for 10. However, limited exemptions apply which means that certain vehicles such as those that are wheelchair accessible, can be licensed for an additional period.

What do I need to renew my PCO?

What do I need?

  1. You will need a recent passport photo.
  2. Your completed renewal form.
  3. Completed Criminal Records Check (DBS).
  4. Completed ​medical form (if required, normally if you are over 45 and are not a taxi driver or hold a group 2 DVLA licence)
  5. The appropriate renewal payment.

Can I renew my PCO licence online?

Please sign in to your account to renew your driver licence or to apply for a new vehicle licence. Please be aware that applications to renew a taxi or private hire driver licence can only be made from three months of the expiry of your licence. You can apply for a new vehicle licence online at any time.

How can I renew my taxi license online?

Step 1: Visit GoBusiness Licensing portal and login with your Singpass or Login ID. Step 2: Click “Licence Application”, and then “Renew Expiring Licence”. Step 3: Click on your vocational licence. If you hold more than one type of vocational licence, you can select any one of your licences.

How do I renew my PHV licence?

Refer to the Step-by-step Guide to Renew Vocational Licence via GoBusiness Licensing Portal (PDF, 1.3MB).

  1. Step 1: Visit GoBusiness Licensing portal and login with your Singpass or Login ID.
  2. Step 2: Click “Licence Application”, and then “Renew Expiring Licence”.
  3. Step 3: Click on your vocational licence.

How much is PCO renewal?

A PCO licence renewal costs £170.00, and your new licence is valid for up to three years. But if you are applying from scratch, in case it has been three months since your PCO licence expired, you will have to pay the entire licence fee.

Do I need medical for PCO renewal?

If you are aged 45 or over and you are completing an new application for a PCO-Licence (or even in the case of a PCO-Licence renewal), you must undergo a medical examination (Form TPH/204 must be completed).

How much does it cost to renew my PCO Licence?

Where do I renew my PSV licence?

Renewal of vocational driving can be made at the JPJ State / Branch Offices, UTC and 1JPJ counter.

Can I renew my car licence at Spar?

Renewonline is an online renewal portal that also offers the option to renew vehicle licenses at retail stores across the country. These outlets include selected Spar stores, Pick ‘n Pay branches, and PostNet outlets, as well as all Safari Outdoor stores.

How much does it cost to renew PCO Licence?

Who is exempt from PCO medical?

Applicants may be exempt from completing a medical form as part of their application if they: Hold a DVLA Group 2 licence (full or a provisional licence issued since January 1998) Have an active application with us, have completed our medical test and are under the age of 45**

How do I renew my license at MCO?

Returning to the previous normal, driver’s licence and road tax renewals can be done via MySikap JPJ or MyEG online portals. Those who have renewed the said documents do not need to collect the physical documents over the counter during the MCO 3.0 period; merely showing the proof of payment/receipt will do.

How do I get my PSV online?

Visit the National Transport and Safety Authority Website NTSA and under the Quick links section click on th PSV licence applications….Apply On-line :

  1. link to Sacco/ Institution/ Employer.
  2. Update licence photo.
  3. Physical address.
  4. P.O.Box address.
  5. Attach good conduct.
  6. Drivers licence number.
  7. Licence collection point.

Can I renew my car license at PostNet?

Avoid the queues by renewing your vehicle licence at PostNet. Please bring the following with you: A copy of your Identity Document. Vehicle Registration Number.

Can I renew my vehicle licence at Pick n Pay?

Pick n Pay’s Vehicle Licence Disc Renewal Service is a hassle-free way of renewing your vehicle licence disc. Register online and enjoy these benefits: Skip the queues at traffic departments and post offices, pay in-store at a Pick n Pay till point. Payments can be done at Pick n Pay Supermarkets and Hypermarkets.