How do I contact MTSU?

If you cannot find a person listed in this directory, contact the main switchboard at 615.898. 2300 for further assistance. Campus Directory is developed for MTSU by the Information Technology Division.

How do I contact MTSU?

If you cannot find a person listed in this directory, contact the main switchboard at 615.898. 2300 for further assistance. Campus Directory is developed for MTSU by the Information Technology Division.

How do I access my MTSU email?

On the Web

  1. Access MTMail on the web at
  2. Click the link for MTMail.
  3. Enter your MTMail email address and password, then click Sign In. Username: Password: your MTMail password that you made up.

What GPA is Deans list at MTSU?

3.5 or above
To qualify for the dean’s list distinction at MTSU, a student must maintain a current semester GPA of 3.5 or above and have earned a minimum of 12 semester hours. The “Dean’s List” notation applies only to undergraduate students. Each semester’s list is posted here shortly after the next semester begins.

Does MTSU allow pets in dorms?

A. No pets are permitted in University facilities except that fish contained in aquariums no larger than ten (10) gallons are allowed in residential facilities.

What is MTSU mascot?

LightningMiddle Tennessee State University / Mascot

MTSU’s current mascot is a blue winged horse named “Lightning,” adopted as the mascot in 1998, when the athletics department updated its image in preparation for the 1999 upgrade to Division I-A football and subsequent transfer to the Sun Belt Conference.

How long is MTSU Customs?

approximately one hour
The basic modules of CUSTOMS Online will take approximately one hour to complete, but the program allows you to leave and return at the point you left the program, if you need to leave the program. There are many additional aspects of our campus, its services and resources to share with you.

What is my MTSU username?

All admitted students have an MTSU login ID, which is your This account is used for MTMail, PipelineMT, D2L, Office 365, Teams, and all other SSO-enabled applications.

How do I set up a MTSU pipeline account?

Your PipelineMT account is created overnight after your job record has been set up on the administrative system by the HR department. The Information Technology Division Help Desk can be contacted to have a password reset. Please call 615-898-5345 or send an email to

What is a failing grade at MTSU?

Grade Types Grades A, B, C, D, & F describe the quality of student achievement. Grade FA means “failed to attend.” Grade N means “no credit” and is given to certain courses that have minimum grade requirements (such as ENGL 1010). Grade P is given for pass/fail courses (or AP credit).

Who is the dean of MTSU?

College of Liberal Arts Administration

Dr. Leah Lyons Dean 615-898-2534 Todd 231 Dr. Meredith Dye Interim Associate Dean 615-898-5580 Todd 231
Karla Barnes Coordinator – Faculty Recruitment 615-898-5986 Todd 231 Matthew Hibdon Strategic Communications Manager 615-904-8042 Todd 223

Is MTSU a dry campus?

Middle Tennessee State University prohibits the possession, use, or distribution of illegal drugs and alcohol on the campus proper or on institutionally-owned, leased, or otherwise controlled property.

What is the best dorm at MTSU?

Lyon and Monohan Often considered the favorite dorms at MTSU, both of these complexes boast large rooms, clean halls, and quiet atmospheres. Lyon also features a 24/7 computer lab that is open to residents of Lyon, Monohan and Rutledge.

What is customs at MTSU?

CUSTOMS is a new student orientation program. CUSTOMS helps new undergraduate students make the transition into the university; prepares new students for MTSU’s educational opportunities; and initiates the integration of new students into the intellectual, cultural, and social climate of the institution.

What are college customs?

CUSTOMS is the theme of the orientation program. The theme goes along with the process as you leave and enter a new country and go through customs. The new students are grouped together by majors for advising purposes, and we use country names to identify these groups.

What is my MTSU pin?

Students. Your PipelineMT password is initially set to your 6-digit birthdate (mmddyy), unless you applied to MTSU by online application after 2004. If you applied by online application after 2004, you had to create a PIN (Personal Identification Number) which became your first password.

How do I make a PipelineMT account?

How do I get a pipeline Mt account?

How do I access MTSU pipeline?

From the MTSU home page, click the link “MTSU Email”. Password page, you may check the boxes for MTMail and Pipeline, if you want them to be the same password. Wait 15 minutes before trying to access your account after changing passwords. Return to the Email login page.