Do you need a fan controller for NZXT fans?

Q: Do I need an NZXT controller in order to use my RGB fans? A: For RGB power, yes, but for fan power, you can use anything that supports a standard 4 pin PWM fan.

Do you need a fan controller for NZXT fans?

Q: Do I need an NZXT controller in order to use my RGB fans? A: For RGB power, yes, but for fan power, you can use anything that supports a standard 4 pin PWM fan.

Are NZXT fans worth it?

They perform extremely well and work great if you pair them with one of NZXT’s AIO coolers. They are quiet, cool your components down well and should last a long long time. The lighting effects are awesome. While these aren’t as “flashy” as some of the other RGB fans, they definitely don’t disappoint.

What does NZXT fan controller do?

Details. The RGB & Fan Controller combines optimal fan control, RGB lighting customization, and convenient installation—all in an intuitive and easy-to-use package. Control up to nine 3-pin DC or 4-pin PWM fans, allowing Zero RPM mode to optimize noise levels.

What is case fan controller?

A PC fan controller is an essential device that allows you to connect and control every single case fan within your setup. This way, you can provide your PC with an adequate level of cooling at any given moment as per the demands of your PC.

Can I use 2 NZXT fan controllers?

Can multiple RGB & Fan Controllers be connected to the same PC? There are no incompatibilities between multiple of our RGB controllers being used at the same time, this also goes for any other NZXT devices.

Is Corsair compatible with NZXT?

No, you’ll need Corsair Lighting Node Pro with Corsair RGB fan LED hub to control LEDs in Corsair LL series fans. Or you can use Corsair Commander Pro as well in place of Lighting Node Pro. Only AER RGB fans are compatible with NZXT HUE+.

Are PWM fans worth it?

Due to the way PWM fans function, they’re generally more efficient than DC fans and use less power. Consider the duty cycles of PWM fans. When a fan is on a 40% duty cycle, it’s only using electrical power 40% of the time. In comparison, the DC fans, if anything, will use a slightly lower voltage.

Can you have 2 NZXT fan controllers?

Should I use a fan controller?

Commendable. That motherboard only has 3 fan headers in addition to the CPU fan header. So if you are running 4 fans plus the fan on your CPU cooler, you will be short one fan header. You don’t need a fan controller though, you can get a 3 or 4 pin fan splitter to connect two fans to a single fan header.

Are NZXT Kraken fans RGB?

This All-in-One (AIO) liquid cooler is designed with the ability to fit comfortably in most cases. With two 120mm Aer RGB 2 radiator fans it adds RGB lighting while keeping CPU performance high and keeping temperatures down.

Are NZXT fans compatible with aura sync?

Therefore they cannot be used in conjunction with aura sync.

Can I plug Corsair fans into NZXT controller?

We’ve built on our (now legacy) Corsair RGB to NZXT AER Fan adapter and kicked it up a notch by creating an adapter that will work with most NZXT HUE 2 RGB Devices – whether they are strips, underglow, or fans. Just connect the beginning of your NZXT HUE 2 chain to our adapter instead of to the HUE 2 controller …

Can NZXT cam control other fans?

CAM is only able to control fan speeds via a compatible NZXT fan controller. Devices such as the Smart Device V2, RGB & Fan Controller, Grid V3, Kraken X2 Coolers, Kraken Z3 Coolers, and any of our NZXT N7 Motherboards can control fan speeds for devices connected to them.

Is it better to connect fans to motherboard or PSU?

Power fan is for your PSU. On some units the fan will be speed variable, this is where you plug it into your motherboard to control the speed. Go ahead and plug your fans into your motherboard, advice like that is what you see in youtube comments. The worse place for computer advice ever.

Should I use case fan controller or motherboard?

Honorable. I suggest using the motherboard fan control. 4-pin fan headers are backwards-compatible with 3-pin connectors, if you didn’t know that already. With you case fan controller, it’s manual so you have to remember to crank up the fans under load, then turn them back down.

Are NZXT fans PWM?

NZXT AER P – RF-AP120-FP – 120mm – Winglet Designed Fan Blades – Fluid Dynamic Bearings – PWM Static Pressure Fans – Gaming Computer Fan.